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Diorama Tower Defense Game-play of Prologue Version
Hey players, we are proud to present the first gameplay video of Diorama Tower Defense (aka. Tiny Kingdom) to you. It shows the graveyard scenery, we hope you l...
Next DTD trial version coming soon
Hello players, today we finally got some news from Diorama Tower Defense: Tiny Kingdom by Anaconda Game Studios We continuously working hard every day in order...
Join our Discord server!
Working hard on the next version of Diorama Tower Defense: Tiny Kingdom👑 Join our Discord:
Yay, we got third place in the graphics category
out of 1859 participants, of the Brackeys Jam 2020.2, for Tiny Kingdom, We are very proud !! Even the king stands up from his high throne...
Secret footage of intro filming... ;-)
Today I was able to make a shot of the secret intro filming in our game studio... I think this looks real cuuuuute :-D...
Sneak Peak into the next Update
Sneak Peak into the next Update of Diorama Tower Defense - Tiny Room Tales (aka Tiny Kingdom) Today we have a look at the new art design:...
Version 1.0 is out now - YEAH
After 1 week of intense work with a spectacular team of professionals but so less time, we finally released the first version of Tiny Kingdom - a tiny room base...
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