STRONGER TOGETHER - The topic of the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1

Our little team of three took part in a Brackeys Jam for the second time and together we created this cute little retro game within 7 days. We hope you enjoy it!

PIXABOTS - Bits Unite!

We sent our two robots, each equipped with different abilities, on a dangerous mission, because there is only one escape capsule left on the exploding spaceship. Will you help them before it's too late? Only together can they make it through the 10 dangerous levels!


- WASD to move (or cursor keys).
- Shift key for action
- Space key to jump
- Left Ctrl key to change character

A small tutorial is included so you can quickly get to grips with the controls.


Programming: Lukas Jakisch
Graphics: Matthias Jakisch
Music and SFX: Matthew Harper

© 2021 Anaconda Game Studios


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Wow. Thats really good. The Sprites are really good. I hope you will win. Good luck!

Thank you so much! :-)

Love the sprites and the music <3

Thank you so much :-D

the screen is way too big

Yes, we actually wanted to make it a stand alone Desktop version, but we decided to release it as WebGL, which is easier for other to play the game. It is full-hd.